BC-3200 Auto Hematology Analyzer

BC-3200 Auto Hematology AnalyzerDescription: BC-3200 is the latest innovative offering with FDA approval which comes with a Cap Piercing chamber supporting 4 kinds of tubes to avoid possible biological contamination. Furthermore, the fast test speed, accurate results, user-friendly software and easy maintenance bring you a best-in-class analyzer. – Fully automatic Analysis cycle – Intelligent alarm to avoid wrong tube – Automatic internal and external needle cleaning High Reliability and Safety: – Sampling on closed tube to avoid biohazard – Automatic protection when chamber door is open – Cyanide-free reagent to protect environment Powerful Customizable Software Design: – Huge storage of 35,000 patient results with histogram – Convenient patient data review – Programmable multi-format printout – Fully automatic daily maintenance program Features: * Closed tube sampling * Sampling with 4 position tube holder * Micro sampling of 13┬Ál * 3-part differential, 19 parameters +3 histograms * Up to 60 samples per hour * Large color LCD display * Data storage of 35,000 samples with histogram * Data management in external PC * FDA Approved

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