What are BD SafetyGlide Needles?

Image result for bd safetyglide needle mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm When it comes to administering injections, it’s important that you use the right needle. However, choosing the right needle can be an overwhelming task in light of the fact that modern hypodermic needles are available in a wide range of options, including PrecisionGlide Needles, This Wall Needles, Winged Needles, Pen Needles, etc. Luckily, there are versatile needles that serve a wide range of purposes. BD SafetyGlide Needles are a perfect example of versatile Hypodermic Needles. Besides being versatile, BD SafetyGlide needles also have safety mechanisms built into them. You can manually attach the needle to a conventional syringe or commercially pre-filled syringes. Shall we have a detailed look at BD SafetyGlide Needles?

Features of BD SafetyGlide Shielding Hypodermic Needle

The BD SafetyGlide hypodermic needle is equipped with BD Activation-Assist technology, which makes a safe injection easier and more efficient. The technology is geared to deliver versatility and minimal change in technique. It is worth noting that the needle-tip shielding Activation-Assist Technology is incorporated on the needle, and not on the syringe. What’s the significance of that? It is meant to ensure maximum protection from needlestick injuries. SafetyGlide needles also feature BD Luer-Lok connection, which ensures secure attachment of the needle to any standard syringe. You should also realize that BD SafetyGlide Syringe with Tiny Needle Technology complements the BD SafetyGlide line to meet all of your subcutaneous and intradermal injection needs. The permanently attached hypothermal needle is designed with low waste in a bid to minimize medication waste. The Syringe also features a rotating safety arm, which allows for low angle injections.  

Instructions for Using BD SafetyGlide Needles


  • Attach your SafetyGlide needle to any standard Luer lock or Luer slip hypodermic syringe. Be sure to twist until it’s firmly seated to attach to a luer lock syringe.
  • Pull shield straight off the needle. You don’t want to damage the needlepoint.


  • Draw up medicine according to your institutions laid down procedures.
  • When changing needles, remember to activate safety cover before your remove needle from the syringe.


  • Administer medication according to your institution’s protocol.
  • Note that the needles bevel up position is slanted towards the lever arm for your convenience.


  • Be sure to activate safety mechanism right after removing the needle from the patient. Simply push the lever arm completely forward to ensure the needle tip is fully covered.
  • Using one-handed technique, activate away from self and others.
  • Once done with activation or if you can’t activate, discard the needle immediately in an appropriate sharps collector after a single use.

Additional Tips on Using SafetyGlide Needles

  • Push firmly to attach the SafetyGlide needle to a Luer slip.
  • Activation of the safety mechanism could cause some splatter after an injection.
  • It’s best to follow protocol issued by your institution for specific techniques such as skin prep, aseptic, and disposal.

Bottom Line

Hypothermal needles are most usually selected by the injection type or selected use. The main types of injections for patient care include subcutaneous injections, intramuscular injections, and intradermal injections. Fortunately, there’s a versatile needle that can do virtually all of these — BD SafetyGlide needle. BD SafetyGlide needles are built for patient comfort and safety, featuring one-handed activation. They don’t require any change in technique and are quite easy to use. In fact, they require minimal training to use them.
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