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How to Pick the Mindray Chemistry Unit Best for Your Workplace

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ddddddddddddddddddddgggggggggggggggdddddd Mindray chemistry analyzers are devices used to determine the presence of analytes like electrolytes, metabolites, substrates, proteins and drugs in blood, serum, plasma, urine and other body fluids relating to disease or drugs. These tests and assays are very …

Train your Medical Staff on Using the Analyzer

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How to Train your Medical Staff on Using the Analyzer Training your medical staff on using the analyzer is essential not only to you but also to the employees. The moment you fail to do it right, you run the …

How to Setup a Chemistry Analyzer in your Office

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Performing tests and analyzing the results is one of the most fundamental tools that scientists, including doctors, use to understand the world around them. For a doctor’s office, lab tests peer into the patient by examining the fluids, tissues, and …

5 Tips On How To Choose the Right Lab Equipment for Your Practice

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5 Essential Tips On Choosing Lab Equipment For Your Needs Buying the right kind of laboratory equipment can be a daunting task for lab professionals. Quick and accurate results for lab tests largely depend on the quality of the lab …

What You Need To Know About Mini VIDAS

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What is mini VIDAS? It is a small and automated Immunoassay system that is based on ELFA (Enzyme Linked Fluorescent Assay) principles. The user-friendly and convenient machine provides accurate, on-demand, and reliable test results. It is a compact version of …

How Quality Lab Equipment Promotes Health: Coulter AC-T Diff

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Monitoring to Promote Health As the third leading cause of death in America, the stroke is a real and present threat to many. For people who are at high risk for stroke, heart attacks and other potentially life-threatening conditions the …

Envoy 500

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Description: The new Envoy 500 can perform up to 570 tests per hour, making it the fastest bench-top analyzer available. The Envoy 500 delivers the time and money saving features your lab requires with an integrated four-parameter Dry ISE, reusable …
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