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What Is Hematology?

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Hematology is the medical specialty, involving the study of the blood, blood-forming organs, and blood-borne diseases. Its name is derived from the Greek word heme, meaning blood, and the medical suffix ology, meaning the study of. The field of Hematology …

Advantages of using Abacus 3

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Abacus 3 is a hematology analyzer that offers an optimal solution for health centers and hospitals which require fast and accurate CBC results. The analyzer comes with user-friendly software and solutions that meet the demands of the lab environment. Abacus …

Overview: Auto Hematology Analyzer BC-3200

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Hematology analyzers are computerized lab equipment that is used to analyze blood samples by giving the quantities of all types of blood cells and hemoglobin. Hematology analyzers in the market today use a combination of properties light scatter and absorption, …

How In-Office Lab Creates More Profit for Your Medical Practice (Part 1)

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Are you looking for ways to turn your business into a more profitable medical practice? Thanks to all the overhead and market challenges the average practice faces, maintaining a healthy profit is often more difficult than it looks. What’s worse, …

News: Local Medical Practice Foregoes More Revenue By Mailing Off Lab Samples

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While this headline is facetious, it actually happens every day in medical practices all over the country. Doctors are trying to increase practice revenues, but they still mail off their lab samples to an outside lab. Their extra revenue is …

Coulter AC-T Diff

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Description: Obtaining accurate PT/INR results quickly at the point of care helps enable healthcare professionals to make immediate therapy adjustments, discuss them with the patient, and document treatment decisions – all in one appointment. Multiple studies have shown that a …

BC-3200 Auto Hematology Analyzer

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Description: BC-3200 is the latest innovative offering with FDA approval which comes with a Cap Piercing chamber supporting 4 kinds of tubes to avoid possible biological contamination. Furthermore, the fast test speed, accurate results, user-friendly software and easy maintenance bring …
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