Characteristics of Seasonal Flu

8k39fftq-1416327409 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Flu is a dangerous infection caused by the flu virus. Most viruses can scarcely cause an illness that is comparable to flu. The seasonal flu virus usually is most prevalent during the cold season. When it attacks you, you are likely to recover after a short time. However, you complications such as pneumonia can develop due to the attack by this virus. In bad cases, people lose their lives due to complications stemming from this disease. The good thing is that there exists a flu jab that is administered to keep you away from the virus when the season that it is most prevalent sets in. Flu occurs in three types; type A, B, and C. when the winter season sets in, each virus causes an outbreak of flu which affects a large population.

Symptoms of the Flu

Common flu symptoms include the following:
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Sneezing
  • Feeling sick or nausea
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Sweats
  • Fever
The influenza virus causes illnesses that are worse than those caused by other viruses which cause a flu-like illness. In some instances, the flu can make you feel sick enough to go to bed. In babies and young children, the most common fly symptoms include difficulty in breathing, sore throat, sweats, sneezing, lethargy as well as poor feeding. In some children with fever, there can be a case of febrile convulsion. Usually, when the seasonal flu virus attacks you, you start by experiencing mild symptoms of the illness then the symptoms start being severe after one to two days of infection. After that, they gradually diminish in severity over the following several days. However, you may experience an irritating cough for about a week after the disappearance of some symptoms. Even as the symptoms may take long to ease up, most individuals will feel fine after two to seven days.

How To Treat the Flu

In normal circumstances, your immune system should be able to do away with the virus after a short period of suffering. What treatment does is to ease the various symptoms until the infection is done away with. As well, the aim of treatment is to prevent complications brought about by the flu virus. When you have contracted the virus, the prudent thing to do is stay at home and prevent passing on the virus to healthy individuals that you may interact with. To ease your fever and pain and aches, paracetamol is handy. To prevent lack of fluid in the abdomens, you will have to embark on an intake of plenty of fluids. Throat lozenges, decongestant drops as well as saline nasal drops are also handy in easing nose and throat symptoms.

Prevention of the Seasonal Flu Virus

Prevention is definitely better than cure. In this respect, it is better to focus on precluding the disease. There are many ways of preventing it including the following:
  • Exclude individuals with the flu from preschool, childcare, work, and school until it is confirmed that there is no fever for 24 hours.
  • Ensure you wash your hands thoroughly after coughing or sneezing. Use clean water and an alcohol-based hand rub for this purpose.
  • Thoroughly clean all the frequently touched surfaces using a detergent a dump piece of cloth
  • Whenever you a cough or sneeze, see to it that you cover your mouth and nose with a tissue and not with your bare hand.
The above are some of the characteristics of seasonal flu virus that you need to take note of to be able to know how to handle it should it strike.
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