Flu viruses circulated during low levels


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We can see that the flu is common around the world, but it happens even more so during the winter than during the summer time. Every country that tends to have largely temperate climates all have the same problems with the rise and fall of flu viruses. So looking at this situation we have to come to realize, how this is a problem and how are flu viruses circulated during low levels. Today, we will explore this in more detail.

The Flu Comes and Goes with the Seasons is there a Pattern?

All over the world, the common cold and flu typically strike during the winter time, and this is a pattern that we can all recognize, but is it really that complicated to realize what causes the cold and flu?

In the summer time, you would have to look at how many people actually get the common cold or flu. The answer is fewer people get sick compared to that of colder months. A big part of this may be due to vitamin D deficiency! The most prominent place that people get vitamin D is through direct sunlight from the UV rays, and the body breaks this down into vitamin D.

If you ask the average person who takes vitamin D regularly, most of them tell you they just don’t get sick anymore like they used too.

The body makes natural antibiotics called anti-microbial peptides. Professor John White at McGill University discovered that vitamin D regulates production of anti-microbial peptides. Of course, this makes sense if you look at how many people get a cold or flu in the summer time. The fact is that your vitamin D levels are 1/3 of what they are in winter time than that of the summer time.

Looking at infectious diseases in the winter time is a target of vitamin D deficiency as this could be true looking at more prolonged infections like tuberculosis. It was published by the American Medical Association (AMA) that sunshine was helpful to tuberculosis and every doctor knew that to be a fact, because of the vitamin D in it. The problem is people have forgotten these simple facts.

Putting the Pieces Together

If you look around the world, even during the summer months we see that influenza and colds still spread, although it may be in lower levels. Each country and population has different medical stances and levels of medical treatment for their populations.

The effect that vitamin D has at preventing influenza and the common cold should not be overestimated, especially with pandemic influenza. How the virus will affect you will depend on a person’s own immune system, and how many microbial peptides you have to fight the virus and how severe the virus is. Other factors need to be taken into consideration about this, so you can’t see vitamin D is the cure all, but it will be a major factor to fighting viruses in the future.

As we move forward into the future we can see facts that we have previously stated need to be resurrected to help us fight influenza and colds that strike us each year. It might help us to take vitamin D every year during winter months, but it should not be seen as a cure all. Doctors and Scientists study the strains of influenza each year to give us a boost from flu shots to help strengthen our immune systems.

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