What Foods Can Help During Flu Season


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Eating Right To Stay Healthy

Flu season is here, and if you want to keep from being railroaded by the flu, you are going to need the right kinds of food. Depending on how you eat, you could prolong or shorten your time with this sometimes debilitating sickness.

Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and vegetables contain vital vitamins and minerals that your body needs. From Vitamin C to fiber, there are definitely things in common fruits that can help you ward off the flu. Apples, bananas, pears, tomatoes, cucumbers, salad, fruit-salad–provided you haven’t inundated these food items with dairy-rich salad dressing or lots of sugar, these will all help your body out when you’re sick. Additionally, a strong diet rich in fruits and vegetables is generally going to help maintain your health. You’ve heard the old saying; “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. It happens to be rooted in truth. And, while apples are very good for you, other fruits have vital goodness that strengthens your body’s immune system as well.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Believe it or not, taking a cap full of this stuff every day or so can have some astonishing health benefits. And you don’t have to take it straight, either; you can put it in a salad dressing or mix it with something. Basically, apple cider vinegar alkalizes your body and helps fight off viruses that cause not just influenza, but the common cold as well. While taking it on a regular basis is a good idea, it’s not necessary; getting a few cap fulls in you at the onset of flu symptoms will definitely help a great deal. Still, the more alkaline your body is in a biologically healthy way, the less susceptible it will be to influenza.

A Diet of Liquids

You’ve got mucous coming out all over the place when influenza has you in its clutches. Your body is going to be draining a lot of fluids. That means you want to have a mostly liquid diet, and consume lots of water. Chicken Soup is an old and well-known remedy. The broth contains essential nutritional elements, and the protein in the chicken is good for your body, but isn’t usually in exceptional quantities, meaning your immune system gets the benefit without having to deal with breaking down a thick portion. Still, keeping healthy, strong foods in you does serve to strengthen your immune system. It’s just that when the flu’s got you, remaining properly hydrated soon becomes essential–especially if you run into a bout of nausea.

Zinc and Vitamin D

Vitamin D comes from the sun, and will enter your body most effectively this way; though supplementing isn’t a bad idea either. Zinc is also a great warrior against influenza, and you can get cough drops with zinc on the cold and flu aisle of practically any pharmacy or grocery store, as well as in most gas stations/convenience stores.

Certain Spicy Foods

Garlic, horse radish, cayenne pepper, and other spicy foods help your body fight off influenza and refrain from catching it in the first place. The spices which heat up your mouth also tend to KO microorganisms that cause the flu.

Staying Strong

In brief review, some food strategies for maintaining your health during the flu, and preventing it, include:

  • A Diet Rich in Fruits and Vegetables
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • A Diet High in Liquids
  • Zinc and Vitamin D
  • Certain Spicy Foods
Make these foods staples of your diet (but you don’t have to stay on primarily liquids unless you’ve contracted influenza), and you’ll be able to fight off the flu more quickly.

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