Holidays are Here, Protect Your Family


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Holidays are Here, How to Protect Your Family from the Flu

The holidays are here. Everybody is going to be in the house, all happy about the year’s highs and lows. While this is great time to bond as family over presents, a barbecue and perhaps some drinks, it is the riskiest time for contagious infections like the flu. If one member of the family is infected, chances are that the flu will ravage the whole family turning the fun into misery.

So how do you protect your family from the flu this holiday season?

The foundation is simple and straightforward: Emphasize on hygiene. The flu virus spreads through contact and close proximity cough droplets. This means that the flu virus could be on anything, from your hands to the utensils, remote control and taps especially if there is a carrier in the house.

Proper hygiene will kill off these viruses making it hard to transmit it from one person to another. This is just the first and perhaps most natural step to combating the flu at the family level.

Get Everyone Vaccinated

The flu shot is the less paranoid way to combating the flu. If the entire family receives the shot, you will have a lee way and won’t have to implement paranoid measures to keep everyone safe. Since the vaccine has been around for so long, there will always be a safe version for everyone – even those who are egg protein intolerant.

Skipping the flu shot isn’t an excuse especially if it is flu season or that member of the family hasn’t had his or her vaccination in a while.

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Healthy Lifestyle and a Good Diet

A balanced diet and healthy diet makes the body stronger and more resistant to maladies. Beefing up the family’s immune systems sounds like a great second line of defense in case the flu makes it through your doors.

Any viruses that go past your ramped-up hygiene and actually get into a family member’s body won’t have a change since everyone will be ready (the vaccine took care of this) and have a strong immune system to wedge war against the virus.

Keep the House Aerated and Fresh

Proper aeration reduces the chances of air born infection. Even though the jury is still out on the virility of spit droplets when someone coughs without covering the mouth and nose, it is always a good idea to keep the indoors air as fresh as possible. This will not only reduce lung irritation hence sneezing frequency but also help anyone infected to recover faster.

Semi Isolated Infected Members

If someone is infected, semi isolate them by limiting the number of items they can touch or who they can come close to. Start by keeping them at a distance from the very young or elderly as these are more vulnerable. Also, let them reduce hand contact and if possible stick to specific utensils.

Experiments have proven that responsible behavior can reduce the chances of infecting others to the bare minimum. It is up to you to ensure that every member of the family understands this and their responsibility should they contract the flu.

The problem with the festive season is you really can’t keep sick guests off. It’s time to be friendly and bond. Only proper hygiene, the flu shot and responsible interaction will keep your family safe from the flu.

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