Importance of the Flu Shot For Children

9-Vaccinations-Your-Child-Needs-for-School   The season when flu is reported most is October or November, and when that time comes, everyone has a reason to worry. Not only are you at risk, but also your children who are even in a worse position since they’re more vulnerable. When your child has been given the shot, it will take about two weeks for the vaccine to start taking effect in their bodies. This is the reason you must ensure they get the shot in good time to avoid unwanted eventualities.

What is a flu shot?

  Many people who have received a flu shot have little or no idea of whatever they are getting themselves into. Basically, a flu shot, just as the other vaccines is made by using an influenza virus that has been weakened or is dead and therefore has no ability to cause harm to the person who will be getting the shot. However, there are isolated cases where a vaccine has caused a disease. These cases are rare, and there are little chances that this can actually happen. Many people have doubted the efficiency of the flu shot despite it being used widely to prevent the flu virus from reaching a person. You will hear others associating it with autism or may cause an allergic reaction. However, just as mentioned, those are just hearsays, and there is no evidence to support the same. Scientists have researched and accepted that the flu shot is excellent can be used for children and everyone else.

How important is yearly vaccination?

  The influenza virus often changes seasonally. So you don’t expect that the one present in the last season would be the one that would attack in the current season. As such, yearly vaccination is the best thing you could ever do your kids in regards to preventing them from flu virus attack. Research has revealed that as time progresses, the resistance to the virus by humans keeps diminishing and that further cements the support for yearly vaccination.

What are the benefits of the flu shot?

  • Alleviates the risk of endemics   Influenza is a very contagious infection especially while in its early stages. Your child can be infected now but does not show symptoms for some time. During this period, your child spread the virus to other children in school or wherever they will be playing. Within a short period, many of the neighbor’s children shall have contracted the disease. However, if you give your child a flu shot, then they will not be the ones to spread the infection to other children.   • Significantly reduces the deaths associated with flu    Your kids are worse placed when they get an infection as compared to you or their older siblings. When the virus attacks them, they are up to 80% likely to succumb the infection. It is even worse if your child had an existing medical condition. So to avoid all these mishaps, it is best to let your child have a flu shot.   • Protects your child against other grave health complications   Children like playing together in crowds especially while they are at school. If for instance, there was another kid in school who is infected then the chances are that they will infect your child with the virus too. Children belong to the high-risk group of individuals who are most vulnerable to attacks by this virus. To mitigate the chances of your child acquiring this disease then you’ll have to let them get the shot. That’s the surest way to ensure they remain healthy in such places.
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