Keep Kids Hydrated During Flu Season


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Holiday season is the best time to enjoy being with your family. However, this is also the time in which your children are vulnerable to flu. Make sure they are healthy, so you can make the most of your quality time with them this winter season.

In order to protect your children from flu, keep them hydrated. There are many ways to do so, but do it in the right way. Keep in mind that not all drinks would help. There are good and bad drinks to keep children hydrated.

Recommended Drinks

  • Water – Plain water is always the best and the most recommended type of fluid to take or drink. It quenches our thirst and keeps us hydrated without the need to add certain substances that may become harmful to our health such as sugar, caffeine, and sodium.
  • Milk – Drinking milk is still important for kids simply because it’s what they need at their age. They need more calcium, vitamin D, and other nutrients such as amino acids. Have your children drink milk in the morning, and before they go to bed at night.
  • Natural Fruit Shake – Fruit shakes are good for the health of your children as long as the shake is all-natural. There are natural fruit shakes available in the market, but home-made fruit shake is much better. All you need are blender, fruit, and clean ice.

Drinks not Recommended for Children

  • Soda – Soda, soft drinks, pop, or whatever you call it’s definitely not good for health not only for children but for adult as well. It has zero nutritional value, and it contains excessive calories, which are too much for our body to take.
  • Flavored Milk – There are several types of milk, and some of them are flavored. Avoid flavored ones such as chocolate milk, vanilla, and the like. These are chemically processed, and they contain harmful elements that are used to preserve every flavor.
  • Fruit Juice – Fruit juice sounds as though it’s very healthy. Beware of nutritional claims by many companies. Most fruit juice drinks are artificially processed. Others only contain sugar and water. If you want real fruit juice, buy some fruit and extract it yourself. Good examples are watermelon, oranges, apples, and grapes. These types of fruit contain lots of natural fluid.

Why Do Children Need to Keep Hydrated to Fight Flu?

Flu viruses may attack anyone. Even healthy ones are not free from them. However, such viruses can successfully create complications when our body is not well hydrated especially in the flu season.

Research has been made by Dr. David Lewis about the relationship between water and flu. Dr. David Lewis states it was important to stay hydrated so the nose could get the right amount of moisture in the mucous membrane in the nose. When you are dehydrated your body has a hard time effectively getting rid of the virus.


There are medicines that can be taken to fight flu. However, some children may have adverse reactions to taking medicines. The solution is to resort to natural methods of preventing such disease.

Drinking lots of water is the most common method to prevent flu. Eight glasses of water a day is enough to keep your children hydrated. Nonetheless, it is still best to regularly consult a doctor when your child has the flu as well.

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