Mini VidasDescription: The mini VIDAS is a compact version of the VIDAS system with a built-in computer, keyboard and printer. Two independent sections each accept six tests and can process up to 12 samples simultaneously. This automated immunoassay system is reliable and economical. It uses ELFA (Enzyme Linked Fluorescent Assay) technology, has no carryover risks, requires a one-point recalibration every 14 days and optimizes the cost per batch of single-sample testing. In addition, the menu of available assays is constantly growing. The mini VIDAS is a multiparametric analyzer. It allows your laboratory to run more than one compatible assay in a section at a time, and each section operates independently from the other. VIDAS tests are presented in individual, ready-to-use form. Each test is composed of a strip and a SPR. Two words describe this system: simple and rapid. Maintenance is minimal and most results are available in 40-80 minutes. Plus, reagents are ready to use in a single-dose format. Features: * No carry over risks * Needs only one-point recalibration every 14 days * Ready-to-use * Single-dose reagents * 30 or 60 tests per package * Minimal maintenance * Recertified with 90 day parts warranty * Reagents, controls, and consumables may be available * Service contracts may be available
Infectious Disease Assays Immunochemistry Assays Immunochemistry Assays
Chlamydia (Antigen) CKMB D-Dimer
Chlamydia Blocking Cortisol
Clostridium difficile (Toxin A) II Digoxin
Cytomegalovirus IgG Estradiol II
Cytomegalovirus IgM Ferritin
Lyme IgG and IgM Follicle Stimulating Hormone
Measles IgG (Rubeola) Free T4
Mumps IgG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
Respiratory Syncytial Virus (Antigen) Luteinizing Hormone
Rotavirus (Antigen) Progesterone
Rubella IgG Prolactin
Toxoplasma gondii competition PSA
Toxoplasma gondii IgG T Uptake
Toxoplasma gondii IgM Testosterone
Varicella Zoster Virus IgG Theophylline
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
Total IgE
Total T3
Total T4

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