Overview: BR Video System

VMBlog-BANNER-BR-Video Modern and trending surgical procedures have been given a major shot in its own arm with the creation and approval of the BR Video System for various OR procedures. The BR Video System provides video examination and video archival of female reproductive organs, multiple endoscopic procedures and other surgical interventions with their highly enhanced video systems at the physician’s fingertips. Their German engineered and manufactured cameras provide more clarity and precision features plus the complete instrument control by the attending doctor.

BR Hysteroscopy Video System

Used for diagnostic purposes as well as a surgical intervention within the female reproductive organs, including disorders of uterine bleeding, fibroid pain, and polyp or swelling issues, this video system permits the surgeon to actually see and video the dysfunction in process and diagnose accurately with precision. The surgeon has a clear view of the cervix, inner womb tissue, fallopian tube openings and more. In addition to diagnostic procedure and removal of polyps and fibroids, sterilization can be performed.

The BR Hysteroscopy Video System is a small and very compact system incorporating:
  • Camera with video archiving,
  • Xenon light source and
  • TFT monitor
  • German engineered hysteroscope and
  • One piece operative sheath.


  • Endoscopic multifunction video platform contains storage archive for stills and video alike. It contains an integrated silent light source with high-intensity xenon light source producing maximum output and high resolution of 10.4” TFT monitor. The camera functions are at your fingertips of white balance, zoom, boost, anti-moire, and zoom. The hysteroscope is German-engineered and manufactured with exceptional brightness and clarity, durably made for long lasting service.
  • The system’s one-piece continuous flow hysteroscopy sheath with smooth curved working channel provides surgeons with easy device entry, direct double stream flow allowing high flow rates, and a slim line profile designed for providing a smooth easy scope entry, and features non-freezing stopcocks.

Advantages of Office Hysteroscopy:

The surgeon’s office hysteroscopy is now comfortable and convenient for your patients to undergo on shorter notice. The procedure is considerably more efficient and time and cost saving for you, as well, creating a true revenue enhancer for your private practice.

BR Endoscopy Video System

Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

The endoscopic procedure uses an endoscope to view an upper GI tract. A gastroenterologist performs the endoscopy test at a hospital or outpatient center.

The gastroenterologist inserts the endoscope into the patient’s mouth and feeds the endoscope down the esophagus, stomach and if necessary the duodenum. A small BR Video System for Endoscopy camera allows the physician very close examination of the upper GI. A biopsy of the areas can be obtained during an upper GI endoscopy. The patient does not feel the biopsy.


  • Endoscopy Camera, 1CCD
  • USB Image Capture
  • Halogen 250 or higher Watt Light Source
  • Monitor, 21-inch flat p anal Sony Medical Grade
  • Fiber Light Cable STORZ
  • Video Cart with Monitor Mount

Summary of Overview

The innovative features contained within the BR Video Systems for medical and surgical procedures have provided a more detailed and less costly diagnostic and treatment option. While the hysteroscopy can feasibly and cost-effectively be performed in a surgeon’s office, the endoscopy requires being an outpatient at a hospital or medical center. Videos and still images both can be made and stored in archives with the BR Video System.

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