Overview: NDD Spirometry System


Incentive Spirometer

If you have ever been a patient in the hospital, you may have been told you need to use an incentive spirometer. Use this handheld device at least every hour for ten breaths. This tool encourages you to take deep breaths into it while keeping a flow meter at the side into an appropriate range.

This breathing exercise keeps the lungs healthy when you are not able to exercise or get out of bed. This device, eliminates any risks for pneumonia. Do not get this device mixed up with a Spirometry test. This tool teaches you how to take show deep breaths.

The NDD Spirometry System

Doctors and professionals use a spirometry system in an office or laboratory setting to assess the condition of your lungs. The unit measures how much air you can inhale and how sharply and quickly you can exhale the air.

A spirometry test tells the doctor if you have a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma or any other chronic lung diagnoses.

The NDD Spirometry System offers six different units, each offering different variations and price ranges. Sometimes you can find a sale on one or all of these six machines.
  • NDD EasyOne Diagnostic Spirometer
  • NDD EasyOne Diagnostic Spirometer
  • NDD Easy On-PC Spirometer
  • NDD EasyOne Diagnostic Spirometer
  • NDD EasyOne Diagnostic Spirometer
  • NDD Easy One PC Spirometer

NDD’s EasyOne Plus

One NDD machine is called the EasyOne Plus. This unit’s function is to diagnose a present lung condition you may have, through three different tests known as an FVC, FVL, and the MVV. This machine measures the flow of air into and out of your lungs.

The EasyOne Plus gives the practitioner the most accurate, quickest, and most reliable testing results. The machine is portable and easy to transport in any number of different settings such as hospital laboratories, private hospital patient rooms, industrial settings, and medical offices. The benefits of this model are,
  • This machine provides pre and post bronchodilator comparisons
  • Provides predicted values
  • Assesses the efforts of the patient
  • Relates easy to understand messages which in turn help in the education of the patient by the technician
  • Sharp and clear graphic display
  • Easy to read color printout
  • Single patient uses eliminating any cross contamination
  • Compact
  • Stores up to 700 patient records
  • Battery powered
  • Handheld portability
  • Mistake-proof
  • Disposable mouthpiece
This NDD Spirometer requires the user to enter no codes or to worry about any moving parts. The technician does not have to get a sputum specimen from you to use this machine. The individual measurement of the ultrasonic flow works separate from pressure, temperature, humidity, and gas composition. This unit makes no mistakes.

EasyOne Pro LAB

This machine offers a single breath Co-Diffusion or multiple breath measurements.

The benefits of this device are that it calculates calibrations automatically and is maintenance free. This unit provides complete lung function testing. Other prime benefits to using this device are as follows.
  • There is no warm up time for the machine
  • Provides spirometry tests that are slow and forced
  • Offers many predicted values
  • High resolution on a color touch screen
  • Portable, transportable and self-contained
  • Hygienic and disposable
  • Automatic interpretations
  • CO Diffusion in one single breath
  • N2 washout for FRC, RV, TLC, LCI and moment ratios for multiple breaths
  • Provides easy software upgrades
  • Remote support
  • Export for secure raw data
  • Automatic backup on flash card
It is impossible for the doctor to diagnose and treat some possible lung condition you may have without first testing you on a spirometry machine such as an NDD Spirometry System, a necessity in any pulmonary office setting, hospital or clinic laboratory.

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