Overview: OPTEC PLUS all-in-one screener


One Machine For All Screening Purposes

The OPTEC PLUS all-in-one screener has been designed to cover all needs. The machine is an industry standard when it comes to visual screening apparatus. As it has been developed over time, operation has been streamlined such that the machine is now easier to operate than ever. No delineation of previous accuracy standards has happened in the OPTEC’s upgrade. Rather, new features have been added, like peripheral visual screening options. This is done through lights that flash horizontally, showing stimuli at distances of 45 inches nasally and 55, 70, and 85 temporally.

What Comes With The Machine

Depending on which kind of use the machine will be put to, different kits are available. These include:

  • Slide Kit For Driver Rehabilitation
  • Medical Package + Preschool Slide Kit (Michigan)
  • Slide Kit (Industrial) and Purdue Job Standards
  • Job Standards Book and International Slide Kid
  • Prescreening Slide Kit, Ophthalmic, with FAA Slides
For additional user-friendliness, a remote control has been added to the mix. Additionally, light that has been color-corrected is utilized. The OPTEC PLUS all-in-one screener is further portable and not too heavy at under fifteen pounds. Additional things included in the package are buyer’s choice of slide packages that are geared toward standard vision or the opportunity to fashion a library of testing slides composed of more than 150 separate items. Also, twelve test slides come with the OPTEC PLUS initially. For those that need them, requesting slide packages for contrast sensitivity is an option.

A Bevy of Notable Features

There are quite a few noteworthy features of the OPTEC PLUS. Consider that testing takes less than five minutes to administer, and is extremely simple. Additionally, inbuilt design has been configured with an emphasis on perpetually necessary areas of specialty. These include:

  • Health
  • Optometry
  • Pediatrics
  • Clinical Trials
  • General Medicine
  • Military
  • Industry
  • Drivers Licensing
The test slides included with the OPTEC PLUS have been made with a kind of photographic film that’s been sealed in a way which is meant to make sure said slides last for many years. There are two ports which have independent near visual and distance screening ability. The lens which is meant for distance is rated at twenty feet, while that which works with “near” visual phenomena is eighteen inches.

The Advantage Of Consolidation

OPTEC scanners are definite time savers, and because of the stakes involved with these testing procedures, their accuracy is an absolutely critical facet of their profitability. Between medical needs which could restore a patient’s vision, industrial work where employees must have exceptionally good vision to do the job, and public arenas where those with licenses must be able to assure the state they can see properly to drive, many depend on the OPTEC PLUS. It’s no wonder that there are hundreds of slides available to mix and match as they are needed per industry (medical needs are likely going to be different than those of the DMV). But regardless of which operating theatre the OPTEC PLUS finds itself performing at, those who use the machine must be able to be accurately gauged with lighting and visuals that have been properly vetted in safety and standardization. OPTEC doesn’t just provide an industry-standard solution in visual testing technology, it provides fulfillment of practically any kind of visual testing requirements an organization may need. This means there’s only one visual testing device needed, which can ultimately save money. Since the machine is small and relatively light, it’s easy to transport and can be set up practically anywhere. Finally, packages designed for known regular practices are available, facilitating even more streamlined implementation.

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