How to Pick the Mindray Chemistry Unit Best for Your Workplace

Image result for mindray BS-800M ddddddddddddddddddddgggggggggggggggdddddd Mindray chemistry analyzers are devices used to determine the presence of analytes like electrolytes, metabolites, substrates, proteins and drugs in blood, serum, plasma, urine and other body fluids relating to disease or drugs. These tests and assays are very important for proper diagnosis and treatment of diseases like diabetes, cancer, and kidney disease among others. They are used in all kinds of laboratories from physician offices, small clinics and point-of-care centers to research laboratories and high-throughput hospitals. These analyzers are available as benchtops, compact bedside models and high-throughput floor-based units. Chemistry units are very important devices for any clinical, biochemical and related research laboratories. If you are looking to buy or replace your Mindray chemistry unit for your laboratory, it is not going to be a pick and go process because you need to ensure that you get a unit that is best suited for your needs. The following are things to consider for the best Mindray Chemistry Unit.


The throughput of a Mindray chemistry unit is the number of tests that it can do per hour depending on the test method. The throughput capability of the equipment that you need depends on the amount of workload and if you have any future expansion plans. The combined throughput is usually indicated in the machine although it may also be shown separately for colorimetric and ISE analyses. Sometimes a high testing speed may be important to your tests than the throughput and in this case you will need to choose an analyzer with a high speed rather than throughput.

Portability and footprint

Depending on your laboratory workload, the design of your chemistry unit is very important. Most units are designed for benchtop use but you can still choose a compact, light and highly portable bedside model for basic blood tests. However, for a full disease profiling that requires high-throughputs and several test methods, it is necessary to go for a floor-based chemistry unit. Benchtops are common because they are good for medium capacity hospital and research laboratories.


Chemistry units are highly automated for many reasons including speed, consistency, and recalibration as well as reduce contamination among others. You will also find that they have onboard storage plus other automated features like clot detection, sample pretreatment and reflex testing. A unit with many automated features is time saving, eliminate errors and produce consistent results. While automation is good, it is also important to find out how often the reagents need to be replaced and the ease of doing it so that your operations are not affected by frequent interventions.

Data management

Data is what is needed from every test that you do and it is important that you choose a Mindray chemistry unit that will make your data management easy. The icons for the unit functions should be clear and although low-throughput analyzers have display screens and onboard printers, you will need to link your existing data management system if you want a high-throughput unit.

Sample handling

Do you intend to carry out discreet or continuous flow analysis? What about the sample loading method and the flexibility of assay? This depends on the type of analysis that you intend to carry out, turnaround time as well as precedence to urgent samples. You may also look at specific features like micro volume sampling and also the maintenance costs of your unit. Mindray chemistry units are available in all ranges and you only need to identify what you need and then choose a unit that will meet those needs.  
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