Why Should You Pre-Book Flu Vaccines

child-immunisation-infographic   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Flu season is coming, and it will be here faster than you expect. That’s always the case. Sure, it’s July now; but you’ve got three vacations booked, the kids have to get off to Summer camp, and there’s that cleaning you meant to do. And you’re still working, aren’t you? So you’ve got to get all the scheduling done, and let’s not forget  the relatives. Be sure to pre-book flu vaccines before it is too late. Summer is busy, and flu season comes in with the school year. What does everyone do during Summer, but travel to disparate places, spend significant periods outdoors, and generally expose themselves to a variety of novel pathogens before returning to their home community and bringing the pathogens with? Many people unknowingly operate as carriers, and so when the school year begins, everyone gets sick–and quickly. The older the school teacher, the stronger her immune system–she’s been exposed to “organic” vaccinations en masse for decades. But even she’ll catch a sniffle two or three times during the year.   The most likely times during the year for someone to develop the flu are at the beginning of the school year, around Christmas, and around Spring Break; all high times of peak travel which often involve close contact with disparate peoples who could be from anywhere on the planet, these days.   So when you’re thinking about getting flu vaccinations, it really makes sense to book your flu shots early if you want to have them when it counts. Here’s the thing with a vaccination for influenza: It Is Not A Cure. It’s a security measure that lessens the impact of the cold. Vaccinations are like a prep-course, and the flu is like the test. Sure, you might be able to pass that test without studying; but you’re definitely going to do better if you study. Vaccinations give your body a pre-test, and so your body gets a mild illness which is like a shadow, or an echo, of the year’s flu strain. When your body encounters the real thing, it will know how to react intrinsically. This means when you do get sick, it won’t be severe, and it won’t be as long–ostensibly. There’s plenty to be said for ensuring your health at a sustainable rate on a regular basis; and that leads back to why it is sensible to pre-book flu vaccines today: your body can sustain a mock-sickness much better in the Summer.   In the Summertime, when the weather is fine–that’s the opening of a well-known song about the fun and frolic of Summer. These lazy days are a great cushion, but along with them come the parable of the ant and the grasshopper. The ant prepared for winter; the grasshopper jumped all over the place and died with the fall. While you have some cushion, some lazy days–if you haven’t already got the whole Summer booked–you should get flu shots. This is the best time of year to do it. You’ll come into the school year prepared and inured against the year’s influenza strain, and when it does hit you, it’ll only knock you down for a fraction of the time.   The young and the old are at greatest risk of the flu, and it kills near 50,000 people a year. This usually happens because they’re in declining health when the symptoms come. Do not be caught flatfooted. While the sun is high and your health is nigh, pre-book your flu shots and be prepared for the autumn’s test of your immune system. While immunizations can’t cure you, or prevent you from getting the flu, they can definitely be an essential tool in surviving it.
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