Prevent Your Child from Getting Swine Flu

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The Swine Flu, as most of the contagious diseases infiltrating the main population at this time of year, is preventable by vaccination, particularly of children and the elderly. This is because they have the greater degree of possible complications from about with the flu commonly called swine flu.

Other than the required vaccination against the swine flu disease, there are other precautions that must be followed by all concerned persons, and most especially those in care giving professions and parents of young children.

Guidelines of Prevention

  • Avoid taking your child into crowded situations where contamination is likely,
  • Keep your child home from school if he/she exhibits signs of a cold, fever or cough,
  • Stay home yourself to avoid spreading the flu disease if you are ill and have any of the cold and flu symptoms of fever, nasal congestion or cough,
  • Be diligent in supervising your child’s hygiene routines, emphasizing the thorough cleaning of hands, discarding of tissues used and common sense avoiding spreading of the disease to others,
  • Use alcohol to sterilize your home’s doorknobs, drawer handles and commonly used utensils, and use the sterilization cycle for your dishwasher on all eating service and cookware.
  • Be particularly concerned with children with respiratory conditions as they are more vulnerable and have less strength with which to fight flu germs.

Before Flu Season

A cautious parent can provide for the oncoming flu season before the first sniffle is heard. Teach your child hygiene to prevent disease while they are well and they will retain it much better. Emphasize and instruct them how to sneeze or cough into their elbow area and not into their hands, to avoid making their hands germ funnels.

You may find your child has to remain home from school due to his flu symptoms, so you need to have emergency Sick Child Care already in place with a relative or other person who will utilize your hygiene safeguards and nurture your sick child.

Stock Up Supply

Prepare your medicine closet with the necessary supplies you will need to combat fevers, congestion of nasal and chest, and items to make your child more comfortable while recovering from the flu. Ensure you have extra linens clean and available for more bed changing, and stock up on juices, gelatin dessert flavors and clear sodas for battling dehydration. It is difficult to make hurried trips to retrieve those items when the crisis is already in full mode, or if you are sick with the same symptoms at the same time. That is a Peril of Parenthood never advertised in the nursery advertisements.

As a parent, be fully cognizant that children under two cannot tell you clearly where they hurt or how they feel ill, and as a result, children under two are hospitalized more often than other ages suffering from the same illness. In fact, the children under two are hospitalized in the same ratio as patients over 65. This is appropriate care because both age groups are at jeopardy for serious complications or even death from any of the flu strains.

This emphasizes the importance of proper health care administered by a child’s parental caregivers. With each generation there are improved medications for battling influenza strains. Unfortunately, new strains are discovered at the same rate, as you fight the parental battle to protect your family.

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