All You Need to Know About Purchasing the Flu Vaccine

flu-shot   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The flu can be very unpleasant thanks to symptoms such as runny nose, sore throat, stomach upset, headache, body aches and fever. For people with compromised immune systems of other health conditions the flu can even be deadly which is why the flu vaccine is recommended for a large portion of the population. Of course there are people who cannot receive the vaccine because of prior complications to the vaccine or it’s ingredients or other health conditions. But for anyone that is eligible, it is recommended that they get the flu vaccine in order to protect themselves as well as protect others around them.

Your Doctor’s Office

At your next doctor’s appointment you can inquire about this year’s flu vaccine. Most doctor’s offices are the first location to receive the vaccine and can administer them when the weather is still warm out and the flu is nearly non-existent in your area. This can give your immune system the upper hand that it needs in order to build up effective immunity and prevent the flu later on when the weather turns cold and people start showing symptoms of the influenza.


In addition to receiving the flu shot from your doctor’s office, you may notice that there are some pharmacies in your area that are advertising the flu shot. Some locations will require you to make an appointment ahead of time but more often than not, you can stop in at your convenience and receive the shot from your pharmacist in just a few minutes. You will be educated on any potential side effects you could experience and you can always call your pharmacy if you have questions after you have received the shot.


Depending on where you work, you may hear about a couple of days each month where you could receive the flu shot for free through your work. Typically, a staff of trained nurses will come in to administer the shot and this is funded through your company. This helps you as someone who is looking to prevent getting sick and it helps your company because less employees will need to utilize their sick time if they are able to stay healthy all winter long in the midst of flu season. You can inquire with the staff providing the shots to find out more and to find out if you are eligible for the flu shot.

Side Effects

Of course, receiving the flu shot can bring about some side effects that you should keep an eye out for. You could experience some very mild flu-like symptoms like a sore throat or headache. Typically these symptoms will go away within a day or two and don’t reach the severity that the flu would if you became ill. It is usually recommended that you get the flu vaccine as early as you can that year when it becomes available. In many instances, the flu vaccine will be administered at a number of facilities and clinics but many time it will run out, leaving you vulnerable to the flu. Whether you need to purchase the flu vaccine through your doctor’s office or you are eligible to receive the vaccine for free, plan ahead and make sure you get the vaccine as soon as it is available. This will ensure you have the protection you need to fight off the flu if you do come into contact with someone who has been sick recently with the flu.
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