Symptoms of the Stomach Flu


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The Ninja Of The Influenza World

The stomach incarnation of influenza comes on like a freight train, and seems to emanate from absolutely nowhere. You’ll be feeling just fine, and then suddenly the gut-bug backhands you into aches, fevers, headaches, chills, and fluid loss from both ends. This is an extremely uncomfortable illness, but the good news is that commonly it only lasts 24 to 72 hours. That said, just as the common cold or traditional influenza leave phlegm residing in your lungs like squatting microbial indigents for several weeks, of stomach flu, expect your bowel movements to be cattywampus for as long as three weeks.

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How To Recognize Stomach Bug

When you get the common cold or flu, it is common to feel:

  • Very slightly tired
  • An itch or tickle at the back of your throat
Generally, this means you’ve got the flu and it’s a matter of time before you are knocked into the couch. Taking a shot of apple cider vinegar can actually help decrease the severity of traditional influenza symptoms. You’ll additionally want:

  • Lots of fluid
  • Vitamin-C
  • Other foodstuffs designed to increase your body’s immune system strength
However, with stomach flu, you’ll be just fine until a wave of weariness knocks your feet out from under you and comes on like a hangover. Lights and sounds may begin to give you a headache. Your headache will start to make you nauseous, you’ll get the chills. You’ll get those aches that seem to go right through the bone, and your keenest instinct will be to rest.

What’s going on at this stage is your immune system is waging a full-on war against the stomach flu, and collateral damage includes knocking you out of commission. Your body at this time needs all the energy reserves it can handle. So it’s going to make it such that you’re physically unfit to do much more than lie around until the bug has been knocked out of commission. Now, you may not necessarily expurgate out the back or front end. It’s possible that your body will be able to fight off the infection before it progresses so far. It’s more likely, though, that you’re going to get violently ill for a little while. A great way to recognize you’ve acquired stomach flu is cramps. Conventional influenza doesn’t commonly include any cramping or excessive wind.

What To Do If You’ve Got It

Rest in a low-light room with a damp washcloth on your head to ease the headache. Painkillers can help, but they often contain caffeine, which can increase your system’s metabolic rate, leading to increased expurgation. Take these at your own risk. Citrus soft-drinks aren’t all that bad, actually; though they don’t have much health benefit besides taking away the vomit flavor. Sucking on gatorade frozen in an ice-cube tray can gently keep you hydrated while being low-impact enough to make it so you don’t “bring it back up”, as the saying goes. You’re going to get dehydrated, so you need to keep fluids nearby; but a severe enough case of this bug could make it so that your body won’t hold down water. If it gets bad enough, you may require hospitalization–though generally things don’t progress so far.

Avoiding Stomach-bug Contraction

If you are a mother, father, brother or sister in a house where the bug is making rounds, drink a lot of fluid, eat a lot of Vitamin C and zinc, be sure to get plenty of vitamin D, and buff up your own immune system with healthy foods. Immune system strength is the best prevention.

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