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Flu Affect Type 1 Diabetes Patients

Posted ago by Vessel Medical
Image is from Breaking Muscle A Harder Fight Those with diabetes who’ve acquired influenza often have a much more difficult time fighting this viral infection. Blood sugar fluctuates with influenza regardless of diabetes, compounding the impact on those who are …

Diabetes Awareness Month

Posted ago by Vessel Medical
Image is from CEAP November of every year is diabetes awareness month. It is a time for people who believe they could be diabetic to get tested and those wanting to learn more about the disease to become educated with …

Are Diabetics at Risk for Flu?

Posted ago by Vessel Medical
Image from www.foxnews.com Any form medical problem can potentially compromise the immunity level in the body. As such, people with diabetes are at a higher risk of suffering from other health related issues. That is the case based on the …