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Flu Affect Type 1 Diabetes Patients

Posted ago by Vessel Medical
Image is from Breaking Muscle A Harder Fight Those with diabetes who’ve acquired influenza often have a much more difficult time fighting this viral infection. Blood sugar fluctuates with influenza regardless of diabetes, compounding the impact on those who are …

Diabetes Awareness Month

Posted ago by Vessel Medical
Image is from CEAP November of every year is diabetes awareness month. It is a time for people who believe they could be diabetic to get tested and those wanting to learn more about the disease to become educated with …

How to maintain your blood sugar

Posted ago by Vessel Medical
Infographic from Frutarom A study on 140,000 people showed that those who eat a Mediterranean diet – plant-based diet, including beans, fruits, vegetables, and nuts – have lower chances of developing diabetes.  The fiber and phytonutrients found in plants help …