Things to Know About the Flu

The flu season is here, and you might wonder, “How can I protect myself?” Fortunately, there are ways to escape the flu this year. And some methods are easier than you might think. Some people discount the importance of a flu vaccine, but what they don’t realize is that the flu shot is about 90 percent effective. Yes, some people become sick after a vaccination, but this is rare. You can fight off the flu by drinking plenty of fluids, such as water and orange juice, to keep your immunities high. A low immune system is the number one reason people become ill. Along with fluids, consider a daily multi-vitamin. If you’re caring for a child, the risk of infection is higher. Children may sneeze and cough, as well as leave dirty tissues around the house. Plus, some children vomit with the flu. In these situations, it’s important that you wear gloves. Latex, vinyl or synthetic gloves purchases from a drug store are similar to exam gloves worn by physicians. Wear these gloves while handling bodily fluids and you’ll protect yourself from the virus.

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