Understanding PT Strips

home-pregnancy-test PT strips are used to detect pregnancy. They are specially formulated to detect HCG, Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin, this is the hormone released in high levels early in pregnancy. The fetus or embryo produces this hormone right after conception and the levels rise every day. PT strips can be used to detect this hormone in the urine as early as 6 days after conception. These PT strips allow women to do pregnancy testing at home in private as soon as they have a late period. The earlier a woman knows she is pregnant the sooner she is able to have prenatal care and begin taking extra health precautions for herself and the baby. Early prenatal care and health reduces risk of issues in the pregnancy and in the mother’s health as well. It can also help doctors detect any risks or issues with the pregnancy or the baby earlier When you purchase PT strips you should read the instructions before you use the strip to ensure that you are using it correctly, it could cause a false reading if you do it wrong. Each brand and test kit can be different, or have a slightly different way of testing. Your best time for testing is early morning, the first urine in the morning should have the highest levels of HCG hormone because it will build up through the night. Most tests require that you collect urine in a cup and dip the strip in for a short period of time. Some newer testing kits have sticks that do not require collecting just using the stick in stream of urine. To read the results you need to wait the instructed time, although this can be painstakingly hard to wait a few minutes it is important to have a correct reading. The instructions would have told you what to look for in a positive or negative reading. Some have colored lines, some have + or – signs and lastly some even say pregnant or not pregnant. PT strips have come a long way over the last 10 years or so, they are much easier to use and read these days. You can purchase PT strips at most any drug store, some grocery stores, department stores and discount stores, even some dollar stores also carry testing kits. They are also available to order online. The prices have become very reasonable for home testing. It is much cheaper to home test than it is to visit the doctor before you know for sure that you are pregnant. Once you take the test, if the results are positive, you will want to schedule an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible for a prenatal checkup. Your doctor may recommend that you visit an OBGYN if it is a family doctor that does not do prenatal and delivery. If your test is negative, you should wait a few days and retake it if you still have not cycled. Sometimes the hormone levels are not high enough to test positive right away. PT strip testing is overall very accurate and helps the majority of women test early at home to find out if they are really pregnant. Once in awhile some women have false positive or negative readings, or the tests just simply do not work for them. Then it does require a doctor visit to have a blood test completed. The most important thing to remember is that early testing and prenatal care is very important.
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