Will There be a New Flu Virus Circulating Around this Season?


The Short Answer

Yes, new iterations of the influenza virus will be circulating this year for which there is no vaccine. Will these new iterations be circulating in your local area? That’s more difficult to determine. Probably not. Following will be a brief examination of influenza viruses and their vaccines in order to further clarify this mystery.

A Developing Organism

Influenza isn’t static. It doesn’t remain in one form continually. It shifts and learns in similitude to people. As antibacterial solutions and antibiotics are used, those germs against which they protect become slowly inured. Influenza is no different. As mankind develops ways of fighting this virus off, it finds ways of pushing past our safeguards. Think of it like a sunburn. The first time you go to the sea, you may experience severe burning. If you stay in the sun, eventually you’ll develop a tan. You haven’t become a new organism, you’re not evolving–this is just a regular function of your body’s defense system against the elements. It’s why you build callouses and muscle. Likewise, a virus must continue to thrive, so its natural defense against inoculation and immune system response is to develop in severity such that it can overcome defensive measures. To that end, new strains of the influenza virus are continuously developing in cultures worldwide, and as yet modern scientists know no way of halting this.

The Implications

If influenza is developing into new forms of itself every year, then vaccinations must keep pace or be rendered inert. An upgraded version of a virus will naturally be able to overcome antiquated defenses. This is one of the reasons people have to get a vaccine for influenza every year: with each passing “wave” or “season” or “epidemic”, that influenza which “survives” has developed to spread itself the following year. Evidences of this include:
  • Bird flu
  • Swine flu
…and any other well-known iterations of the disease that have developed.

Effective Means of Combating The Flu On A Yearly Basis

American casualties which are inflicted by the influenza virus are usually 50,000+ on a yearly basis. What gets people most is poor health and poverty. The very young and the very old are the most at risk. The old, because their immune systems have been through the gamut and are wearing down. The young, because their immune systems have yet to fully develop. In both cases, influenza often opens the doors for pneumonia, who comes in and sets up like the worst kind of land-squatter in an empty condominium complex. A healthy body can usually combat the influenza virus with a minimum of sickness, and within several weeks’ time. Being in good health to combat flu is done by staying in good physical condition through regular physical activity and exercise, eating healthy by making sure there are plenty of vitamins, minerals, proteins, grains, or whatever is natural, available (and unprocessed), and getting vaccinated when the time is right. Ideally, vaccinations should occur in the middle of Summer. The sun shines down Vitamin D, which is most effectively absorbed through the skin. Spirits are high, and so are physical activity quotients. This trifecta of healthy living combines to make the human body at its peak in health during Summer months. Since vaccinations introduce a weakened pseudo-illness to the body, for which there is an immune-system response, receiving them during this time will be most effective. The body won’t have to deal with the antigens of the inoculation as long since it is in better operating condition, and you’re less likely to be shorted at the market due to lack of supply.
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